ONESource SUPPLY Purchasing Program

"Most Cost Effective Supply Solution Available Today" 



Our ONESource SUPPLY Solution is based on a simple purchasing concept the public sector has used for years. They learned long ago that contracting with a single source for consumable type products offered lower pricing, increased purchasing effiecency and enhanced buyer satisfaction. 


Our ONESource SUPPLY Solution is based on the same premisis, program members agree to purchase their office, printer & technology consumables from Carolina Imaging Products. In turn, Carolina Imaging Products offers program members discount pricing as low as of dealer cost plus 10%-15 % on more than 45,000 brand name products.


In addition, program member's experience a decrease in purchasing costs, enhanced customer support and upgraded services making it the most cost effective purchasing solution available in today's marketplace.



 ONESource SUPPLY Solutions Details including Program features and benefits.  



ONESource Supply Solution Purchasing Program

"One of The Most Cost Effective Purchasing Programs Available Today"

Program Members Get discount pricing as low as cost plus 10% on Office Product Consumables

Increased Effeincy

Lower Supply Pricing

Enhanced Support

Office Furniture
Break Room Supplies
Office  Supplies
Carolina Imaging
Warehouse & Shipping 
IT /Computer
Technology Products

"One Source For All Your Business Consumables"

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