Office Ergonomics 101

The simple, literal definition of ergonomics is the science of work. Today, many employers do not realize the importance of ergonomics and the role it plays in workplace-related musculoskeletal problems which is now the leading cause of employee injuries.
Everyday, office workers go home with pain in their back, neck, shoulders or wrists. This pain is an alarm going off to notify you something is wrong. If ignored, these aches and pains can lead to a long-term disability. Pain should not be part of an empolyees daily routne  routine, especially when the cause can usually be easily corrected by making a few adjustments to their workspace.

How Important Is Office Ergonomics?

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Studies show that employees who practice good ergonomic work habbits are more productive, efficient with fewer absences. Today, most ergonomic office products are fairly inexpensive and no comparison in cost to the loss a businesses can incur due to a lack of productivity & employee absenses. 




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